I went to Sonoma this weekend to visit my grandparents. We ate at a really cool restaurant called “Maya.” I ordered the empanadas. I’ve basically been on an obsessive manhunt for empanadas since my elementary school years when at lunch they would sell an empanada inspired dish. Not a lot of Mexican restaurant sell empanadas, so whenever I see them, I have to order them!

The empanadas at Maya were different from what I have had before. Instead of a closed pocket of soft dough, the Maya empanadas were crispy on the outside, like they were fried, but still doughy on the inside, and served in cut-open crescents. Not what I was expecting, but I’m not complaining! yum!



I want to go by May this year. My name’s Meghan, so May is not that big of a change, but I like it. May like light and flowers and raindrops and sunshine and smiles and girls with ribbons in their hair. It is gentle and soft and new. It is the person I want to be; happy and fresh, with sunlight in my soul.

The soul is the most important to me, over the body and mind. It is hard to explain, but soul is to me like music. You have the instruments and the musicians and they create sound and substance and something untangible, but very real. I am listening to “Half Acre” by Hem right now.

I am Meghan; quiet and scared, but I have a bright soul. I love to write, I want to be a writer. It is how I speak. If you were to meet me in person, it might be a little awkward. I might trip on my tongue and stumble over words. But when I write, I like to think it is when I am awake and loud and fierce with truth and rage. I want to change the world with my writing. A little ambitious, I know. I want people to read my words; pretty and soft like a pillow on the surface, but biting and dark underneath, like slipping under water. I want people to come up gasping for air.

I hope Meghan is the skin I shed, and May is the person I grow to be. And I hope writing can be my way to catch the world.balloon